One of Northern California's freshest Jam bands, Love Mischief is a group of musicians with a united purpose: To pursue a sonic adventure through many musical landscapes in order to open hearts and minds. 

Featuring Berklee Graduate brothers Brian and Colin Curtin, Love Mischief comes from a very diverse background of aesthetic principles and interests. Displaying a dizzying array of collective influences and a strong penchant for improvisation, Love Mischief has a sound unto itself; mixing anything from funk, jazz, country, the blues, prog rock and even occasionally metal, creating a unique blend that one must experience for themselves to believe. 

Love Mischief is steadily gathering momentum in the California Jam band sphere, with well attended shows from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. With festival appearances and summer touring on the horizon, the exciting adventure is just beginning for this band on the rise. Featuring some of Northern California’s finest musicians, Love Mischief is a force to be reckoned with. Join us on our journey to explore the edges of the Jam.